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SnugglyBumps and KissyLips

November 24th, 2015 at 04:20 pm

Those are the names BF and I call each other. Disgustingly cutesy, I know. We adopted them early on and they are somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Somewhat. Stick Out Tongue

In the future, I will refer to him as SB. I always feel silly calling him my "boyfriend". He is 54 and I am 48. We're a bit past adolescence.

Signing Held Up Again

November 24th, 2015 at 02:52 pm

The signing on BF's house was held up again. This time it was due to the fact that the buyers had deposited money into their bank account. Yes, you read that right.

To comply with the Patriot Act, the buyers went through a process wherein they documented the source of all funds in the account which will be the source of their down payment. They had already completed this process. When it came time to sign documents, it was discovered that they had deposited more funds after completing the process. Well, that means they had to do it again. They submitted the documents Friday, but it takes time for them to be reviewed.

The wife of the buyer couple in particular was very upset as she had wanted to have Thanksgiving dinner in the house.

Word is that it will close this short week anyway, but I will believe that when I have funds in my hot little hand.

Meanwhile, BF has decided to invest 85k of his proceeds into his contractor's next project. He will earn 7.5% on his principal and if the contractor defaults, he will be able to foreclose on the property. Myself, I would just stuff it all into index funds and calculate when I could retire.

Car Payment #12

November 23rd, 2015 at 04:50 pm

My twelfth scheduled car payment has posted.

This month extra principal payments included...diddly squat! I have not been paid from my part-time job (they owe me $360 right now), I did not cash in any credit card rewards, I did not receive anything at all from HauserNet.

And look, I did not break 10k. I am 37 cents short.

Still just seventeen payments eliminated from the end, leaving 43 payments to go.

Next month should be much better.

Medical Appointment Frustrations

November 20th, 2015 at 12:20 am

I've had a very frustrating day today. Frown

I've had a small hard lump just under my left armpit for maybe a year, maybe longer. I had Googled and it looked to me like it was a cyst from either a clogged sweat gland or hair follicle. It did not hurt and was just my normal skin color.

Last summer it changed color to red, started growing and began to hurt. I called my primary doctor in July and described the symptoms, they scheduled me an appointment in August.

When I went to that appointment, I was hoping she would just cut it off for me right then. She said it was too large to do in her office, she was referring me to a surgeon. She thought it was a sweat gland or hair follicle problem.

I had to wait through the referral process, but then a surgeon's office did call and said I had an appointment on October 1st. So, I had to wait some more.

On Sept 30th, the surgeon's office called to say the doctor would be out of the office on the 1st and my appointment had been re-scheduled for Oct 29th. So, I waited until October 29th.

When I finally had my appointment, there was another patient in the waiting room who was very upset. He had shown up for his appointment but was told his appointment had been moved to a different date and time. He claimed no one had told him. My impression at this point was that the office was not well run. I did see the doctor and I really took a liking to him. He was very no-nonsense, professional and personable. He told me frankly that he could not say for certain what my lump is. He said it was too large for an office procedure and I would have to have a same-day procedure in the hospital. Because of my history, he wanted to see the medical records from when I had my breast lump removed and my thyroidectomy.

Well, that has been a circus. I had Kaiser insurance when I had those two surgeries and have Anthem Blue Cross now. The surgeon's office called to say Kaiser told them I had been their patient but there was no record of my ever having surgery at a Kaiser facility (!). So, I was asked to obtain my records myself. The first batch I obtained did not include the information the surgeon wanted. So, I had to request again. My second request was simply ignored, even though it was submitted in an email. A Kaiser medical records employee stated they probably assumed it was a duplicate request, even though I clearly indicated the first set did not include the pathology and "h and p" records which my surgeon specifically requested. But today, after 2 weeks of my requests, I did finally receive the records.

I was delighted. I faxed the records to the surgeon's office and called to let them know they were coming. (Yes, their preferred method to receive the records was via fax).

Well, a little while ago, the office called to say it's great that I finally got them the records, but the doctor will now be mostly off until after the first of the year. He will have two office days in December, and I have been scheduled an appointment for December 15th. But, that's just for another consultation after he reviews my records. Mad

I want this darn thing OFF. It is growing and it hurts, especially if I accidentally bump it.

I called my insurance to see about getting in to another surgeon sooner. They were sympathetic and explained if I could get in someplace else, I could then call my primary doctor for a referral, and that would be just fine. So I have been calling other surgeons. What I have found is there is no short-cut. I can get an appointment in December, and will likely be scheduled for surgery in January. That's what I have now so is no help at all.

In happier news, the buyers of BF's house have their signing appointment at the title company tomorrow. If that goes smoothly, funds should be disbursed Monday. In that case, I will have the credit card charge for those property taxes paid before I do my month end net worth statement. It will be like it never happened, except for the sweet reward points.

Mortgage Chips To Date; BF House Update

November 4th, 2015 at 04:05 pm

I have made my scheduled mortgage payment, along with an extra $2.86. I received another $25 credit from WF Home Rewards Visa. My new balance is $167,625.00.

Chips to date: $1,815.42

Interest savings this month: $6.54

Interest savings to date: $119.45

Eventually, the interest savings on the chips I have already made will compound to $3,882.41, provided I own this house until the mortgage is paid in full. Which I won't. Stick Out Tongue

Well, BF's house is still in escrow. The final inspections have been done, resulting in a very short list of requests from the buyers. They wanted another pest inspection to determine if mice are present (old droppings found in the attic), they wanted the antenna removed from the roof, and they wanted "debris" (mostly pine needles) removed from the roof and rain gutters. Those were all reasonable requests and they have all been done. Just waiting now for it to close. Maybe this week; maybe not.

I let BF use my credit cards to charge property taxes for his timber property. Three parcels, 100+ acres in total with several houses and other buildings. The county would have auctioned them off for back taxes next week. Oh, that man. Mad He had been counting on the house selling well before now, but it just did not work out that way. I was pretty stressed about becoming financially responsible to repay those taxes. BF took out a term life insurance policy on himself to benefit me, just in case something should happen to him before the house sale is final, because I would be really screwed. With "convenience fees", the property taxes came to right at 18k. The three parcels are worth 800k-ish.

Net Worth 10-31-15

November 1st, 2015 at 05:07 pm

Cash is down. Frown
Debt is down. Smile
Investments are up. Smile
Home value estimate is up. Smile