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An Update on House Hunting

October 20th, 2023 at 09:36 pm

I am currently under contract for a little house in Illinois for the 4th time.  This house does not really have any charm, but it was built in 1983. (That's decades newer than the other houses I have been looking at).  It seems to be structurally sound.  The inspection is scheduled for this coming Monday, so I will know soon enough.  This house is a 3/1 with a 1 car attached garage built on a crawlspace (no basement).  It has a fenced-in backyard which is a definite plus.  It is 960 sq ft and is on a cul-de-sac.

The agreed upon price is 75k.  That means I will need to put down approximately 45k and the mortgage will be in the low 30s (closing costs).  This will leave me a good chunk of cash to live on until I can find a job.

I really have not been doing a whole lot since recovering from Covid.  I have been taking it easy and reading a good bit.  I have been getting rid of belongings slowly, but need to increase my pace.  If this house works out, I can close by early November and want to move right after.  SB is still working full-time, but his boss does know that he is planning to move in the near future.

Do you recall years ago I shared a picture of 3 dogs belonging to a tenant?  When we first moved up here, they would bark at me each time I came and went.  I decided to befriend them and began giving them treats each time I passed them.  (I did clear this with their owner before proceeding).  It was not long at all before their angry, territorial barks were replaced with excited barks at the sight of me.  They would wiggle with anticipation as I approached their fence.  I certainly enjoyed the sweet company of those dogs.  Last year, the female australian shepherd got sick and died.  Almost immediately, the male yellow lab stopped eating and shortly joined her.  This was only a few months before my Bella died.  The remaining male black lab just went to his final vet visit on Monday.  He was 13 and had declined a lot in the previous few months.  One day he could walk, and the next day his legs would not support him.  So his owner rightly scheduled his last appointment.  I had the opportunity to say good-bye before he went.  Their yard is so empty now.  I sure do miss all 3 of them.  It makes me want to move all the more.

Here is the entry which contains a picture of them:  Let It Snow: Reaching For Financial Security (