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5th Wheel Loan Payment #9

February 17th, 2020 at 07:59 pm

This entry is very overdue. Loan payment #9, or #4 since the refinance, has posted. The new principal balance is $34,868.16.

Since the previous regularly scheduled payment, I managed to pay an extra $1,668.98.

The last payment date has moved up to 10/3/28; that is 8 years and 8 months to go.

When I went for my dental cleaning, the hygienist asked if I had considered a partial. I am going to discuss it with the dentist when I go for my next filling.

My birth mom has been here visiting for the past 2 weeks, which included my birthday. She has recently given up her apartment and is, for now, completely nomadic. I am so jealous! I hope that she enjoys this next chapter of her life. She plans to be back this way in a few months, so we will see her again then.

January 2020 Budget Report

February 1st, 2020 at 08:22 pm

Income mostly went as expected; I transferred in money from my car replacement sinking fund which was unplanned at the time I made January's budget.

I spent a little less than planned on gas and personal.

My mom's cell phone bill was quite low in January. Other than that, nothing unexpected here.

For January, I am showing car replacement and dental as two separate funds. In reality, it is the same account which has been re-purposed.

Aha! Here we have a bit of unplanned spending. A dinner out, some items from the pharmacy, a concert ticket (for tonight!) and a new thermostat for the 5th wheel.

The middle box in the yellow line says that January ended with $1,413.60 in checking.

The target amount for checking at the end of the month was $1,407.58.