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Spendy October

October 27th, 2011 at 10:52 pm

I have been doing two things lately: neglecting my blog and spending money. Is there a direct correlation? I think so. Wink

I bought both J (my son) and myself some new winter clothes. I spent about $250.

I spent $97 getting the carpet in J's room cleaned. It stunk to high heaven after my daughter and son-in-law left. After cleaning, it stunk less, but still was too stinky. I spent another $274 buying new padding, having it installed, and having one corner of the carpet repaired (I had a strip from last year when it was installed).

The Blue Man Group is coming to town. We wanted to see them last November when we went to Vegas, but the timing didn't work. I spent $192 buying tickets for J, BF, and myself to see them.

Last weekend, I went out to with some former co-workers to a nice dinner and drinks. We had a lovely time. Spent too much on the evening, though. They wanted to order Dom Perignon. I don't even like champagne, but they ordered a bottle and we split the tab. Yikes!

Tonight we (J, BF, my Mom, and myself) are driving "over the hill" to my cousin's house, she lives just a bit south of San Francisco. We will spend the night then go to Alcatraz in the morning. My cousin has a friend who is a docent at Alcatraz and we are getting a private tour. My cousin's daughter and her two teens are down visiting from Oregon, my cousin's son and his wife and daughter will be joining us too. We will be a motley crew. The tickets I bought were $102.50, my Mom will reimburse me for hers.

My cell phone was shut off on Oct 4th. On Oct 5th, I paid $345 to get it turned back on. Here is the scoop on that: My BF is about half moved in with me. He pays no rent. He buys groceries sometimes and he added my cell phone line, J's line, and my Mom's line on his account and has been paying the bill. When I had no phone service, I discovered that he hasn't paid in several months. We have very different approaches to money managment. I do not enjoy having my cell phone shut off. So I asked the phone company to put my 3 lines in my name. They won't until BF "releases the numbers" to me. He says he will do that. I reminded him yesterday and am still waiting. He frustrates me.

Kindle Fire? iPad2? Galaxy Tab? Other?

October 17th, 2011 at 06:00 pm

Ex-h and I had been planning to buy an iPad2 for our son for Christmas (splitting the cost). But now that the Kindle Fire is out, at a price $300 less than the iPad2, we are giving that a look.

Any tablet owners out there with an opinion?

EDIT: My son does not have his own laptop. So he borrows mine or BF's or his Dad's (when he is there). He loves to play games, and would also surf. Possibly, he might even do some homework. (Yeah, it could happen.) For word processing, he would just use my laptop.

Concert Tonight

October 12th, 2011 at 08:24 pm

Tonight the BF and I are heading south for a concert. Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger. My third time to see Journey, but have never seen the other two. Really, at this point, Journey and Foreigner are tribute bands in my opinion. Even so, should be fun!

What has this to do with my finances? Um, nothing. Smile

Update: The concert was great! We had a rocking good time.

Mortgage Payment #42

October 6th, 2011 at 04:56 pm

Payment #358 is gone baby, gone.

I got very close to breaking 181k. Smile

September was a good month for mortgage chips.