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Budget By Paycheck 3/31/23

March 31st, 2023 at 01:36 am

Hello Everyone.  😀

Begin - beginning checking account balance

pr - my net payroll check.  This being the 3rd paycheck of the month, it is a bit larger than usual.  There are no deductions for medical on 3rd paychecks.  A bit of extra money is, of course, always welcome.

SB - my contribution towards our joint household expenses.

cash - cash for gas, personal, and misc for the next 2 weeks.  I still had $140 in my wallet, so only needed an additional $120. I have been teleworking so frequently that I just haven't been spending as much gas money.  Plus, I used my credit card once for gas for the sake of convenience.  I had Gilligan with me and wanted to just pay at the pump.

sf - automatic transfers to my sinking funds.  These will occur this coming Tuesday.

roth - a Roth IRA contribution

Citi MC - the balance on my Citi MC.  This includes a tank of gas ($56.64), credits used to solve puzzles on ($12), and a quick lunch at Jack in the Box ($13.59).  Can we just pause for a moment to say that fast food prices are getting quite high?  I ordered a chicken sandwich, a medium lemonade, and a small plain hamburger for Gilligan. $13.59! I did not use cash because they were only accepting cards at the time.

WF Visa - hygiene products SB picked up for me at the grocery store. 

life ins - monthly life insurance premium

CarMax - I was able to send $637 to my car loan!  This amount includes an additional $405.99 towards principal.  The new balance is $22,759.03.

house DP - a tiny contribution to my house down payment fund

Broad - a loan to a friend.  This woman and I call each other "Broad".  She was having a bit of a financial crisis, asked me for a loan, and I chose to lend it to her.  I do feel confident she will repay me.

end - ending checking account balance.

And that is it; no more transactions until next payday.

Budget By Paycheck 3/17/23

March 20th, 2023 at 12:51 am

Begin - beginning checking account balance

pr - net payroll check

SB - my contribution towards our joint living expenses

cash - cash for the next 2 weeks

sf - automatic sinking funds transfers

roth - contribution to my Roth IRA

Citi MC - payment for my Verizon bill ($50.38), Netflix ($15.49), prescription co-pays ($57.76), less redeemed cash rewards ($27.32)

CarMax - payment towards my car loan.  This payment includes an additional $195.99. The new balance is $23,351.69.

house dp - A tiny contribution to my house down payment fund

Water Club - At work, we have a Water Club to pay for bottled water.  It was time to pay.

Budget By Paycheck 3/3/23

March 4th, 2023 at 03:12 pm

begin - checking account previous ending balance ($1,500) plus interest ($0.38)

pr - net payroll check

SB - my contribution towards joint household expenses

cash - coming in low again, mainly due to gas savings from teleworking

sf - automatic sinking funds deposits

house DP - a tiny house down payment fund contribution

roth - Roth IRA contribution @10% of gross income

Citi MC - the balance on my Citi MC.  This amount includes a pen for Gilligan ($300.25), a collar and leash for Gilligan ($27.68),  pizza ($40.00), and an Amazon order for toiletries ($41.85).

WF Visa - some items SB picked up for me

HBO Max - subscription fee for March

obedience - I found a local dog trainer with 30 years of experience.  She is currently offering only private lessons at $65 per pop.  I am setting aside enough for 3 lessons and I think that will be enough.  We had a lesson scheduled for last Sunday, but the weather had other plans.  Hopefully by next weekend we will be able to start.

CarMax - and that left $420 to throw at my car loan.  I need to pay at least half of a payment ($231.01), so this amount represents an extra $188.99.  It is progress, just not as much as I would like.  The new balance is $23,733.63.

end - checking account buffer of 1k which just sits there

And if anyone is interested in trying Budgeting-By-Paycheck for themselves, I found this free printable template online:  16 Free Budget Printables to Save More Money - The Krazy Coupon Lady  You have to scroll a little bit to get to the Budget By Paycheck template.

Let It Snow

March 3rd, 2023 at 03:47 am

So here's a pic of my new car:

Can you see it peaking out from underneath all of that snow?  It won't be going anywhere for awhile.  

We went down to Rancho Cordova and stayed in a hotel for 2 nights, afraid that if we didn't we would get snowed in and stuck for the duration.  We returned home yesterday. Of course, the power is out.  Who knows for how long.  Today is the 4th day.  During the last big storm we had in late December 2021, we were without power for 14 days.

I have been teleworking.  It's a good thing that I can, because it is expensive to stay elsewhere and I can't make the daily trek between work and home right now.  The generator powers our Starlink, so internet is not a problem as long as we keep the generator running.

A new storm is rolling in this coming weekend and more snow is forecast.

This is another picture looking out towards the road, just because I think the sky is so pretty.