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Hello Saving Advice

April 21st, 2022 at 03:42 pm

I haven't made a post in almost a year.  (In my last post, I had just booked a cruise.  Now it is almost time to embark.) For most of that time, I had nothing much to report.  Things were just chugging along as planned.  Go to work, get paid, save as much of it as possible.  As exciting as watching paint dry.  Smile

More recently, I have had a health issue to deal with.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The good news is that it was detected very early and my prognosis is excellent.  I have had surgery (lumpectomy and sentinal lymph node removal) and expect to begin radiation at the end of May.  It appears I will not need chemo, but no one can say for certain until the test results on my lymph node are in.  For the next few months, I will be off work and focusing on recovery.

Recently at work, budget was approved for a new position in a different department which is a good fit for me.  The department head approached me and asked if I was interested.  It turns out that I am.  For her to offer me the job, I must be on the eligibility list.  Towards that end, I have submitted an application, been deemed by HR to possess the minimum qualifications, and have taken a written test.  If I have a passing score, I will be placed on the eligibility list.   If I get this job, it will be a nice bump in pay for me.  Currently, I am topped out and earn $57,900 per year.  This position tops out at approximately 70k.  It would take me 2 years to reach that, but still it would be so good for my bottom line.