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Under Contract!!

September 4th, 2023 at 11:03 pm

The seller must have come home early, because my realtor called and my offer has been accepted!  I am under contract for this little house:

Text is and Link is

My realtor is scheduling inspections. A major problem will be cause to re-negotiate or cancel. Minor repairs are to be expected and will not scare me off.

What do you think? I like it so much. 

10 Responses to “Under Contract!!”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Congratulations! It’s so cute. Wishing you an easy close and many happy years!

  2. Dido Says:

    Congrats. I hope the inspection works out for you. Best wishes!

  3. Wink Says:

    Congrats! I've always loved the Craftsman style. Hope the inspection goes well!

  4. Amber Says:

    Love it and congratulations!

  5. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Was this one for $68k? Congrats! Soo cute

  6. Petunia 100 Says:

    Thank you, everyone. Smile
    LAL, yes, this is the one on which I offered 68k.

  7. CB in the City Says:

    Oh, so cute! You did good!

  8. crazyliblady Says:

    I like the kitchen, especially the countertops. The only thing I noticed is that it looks like some painting is needed on the outside and inside. Congrats! I hope everything works out.

  9. crazyliblady Says:

    Is the tiny building out back a garden shed or play house?

  10. LivingAlmostLarge Says:


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