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Intent to Kill (B of A credit card)

March 9th, 2011 at 10:13 pm

I have decided something else too. I am not going to chip the $128 in credit card rewards I expect any moment now. I am not going to add any new money to my main savings account. I am not going to use my bonus money next month towards savings, Roth, mortgage, etc. Instead, I am going to kill my B of A credit card debt.

I should be able to kill it next month. Following its demise, I will have a bit more free cash flow to use towards savings goals.

2 Responses to “Intent to Kill (B of A credit card)”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I'm all for killing BoA credit cards. I can't wait until mine are paid off at the end of the year.

  2. Petunia 100 Says:

    I'm finding their lending practices a bit sleezy, LuckyRobin. I have had their Signature Visa for a long time, and transferred some money to it last fall. I logged on to their site and clicked on the "Transfer Now!" bubble. The advertised offer was 1.99% through July 2011. When the bill came, I noticed I was being charged 7.24% and I had to fight, fight, fight for 1.99%. Luckily, I had printed out the confirmation page and kept it. Different reps told me conflicting stories:

    1. I was never offered 1.99%.
    2. I was offered 1.99%, but the offer had expired.
    3. I had used a paper balance transfer check which was expired.
    4. I "did it wrong". Several CSR people told me this one. I had not correctly completed the balance transfer offer online.

    Most of the CSRs were very courteous and professional, one was a complete snot. Eventually, they agreed to charge me 1.99% until July as offered. They made it clear they were doing me a big favor, even though I provided a copy of the confirmation page which clearly stated 1.99%.

    Yesterday, I received a notice in the mail that certain offers are expiring in May, and they listed some reference numbers. I am uncertain if they are talking about the offer I used or not. Either way, I just really don't want to owe them anything.

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