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New Electric Balance Bill Pay Amount; Teeny Paycheck

March 1st, 2013 at 10:08 am

I received my statement yesterday, and my local electric company is dropping my monthly amount from $238 to $130. This means I can bump up CurveBall some, and bump up my groceries/household budget some.

My paycheck yesterday was for only 9 days instead of the regular 11, so cash in checking is in short supply this month. As a direct result, I will not increase my CurveBall savings deposit in March. Will start that in April.

I took my car in for a service and 4 new tires. My right headlight was out, as well as my left brake light. And it turned out, I had a hose with a hole, so I had that replaced too. The damage was $738.09, charged to WF Visa and will need to be paid (from CurveBall) before the end of March.

I did a wallet sweep yesterday and sent $8 off to E Fund. I'd have had more, but I paid cash for my round trip cable car ride in SF last Sunday. My Bart ticket, my breakfast out, and my dinner out all went on WF Visa and count towards February's "Everything Else". I'll have February's numbers totalled soon.

I have earned a second $25 mortgage chip. The first one posted 2/20, so perhaps the second one will post 3/20. I hadn't anticipated a second one so fast, but my car insurance, groceries, and utilities added up quickly.

We had a wonderful day last Sunday. I was really due for a good, giggly, girlfriend day. But after 2 weeks, I am missing BF of course. He is due to arrive tonight, we will spend Sat together, then he will head home Sunday. I work Sunday, and he has to be at work Monday.

BF and I have discussed moving in together for the past 3 years. He is finally going to sell his house, but now has his new job. His life is there, mine is here. I don't foresee it happening.

1 Responses to “New Electric Balance Bill Pay Amount; Teeny Paycheck”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Well, at least your smaller paycheck coincided with the smaller utility bill, that has to lead to some insurance of a little less stress. Plus, it was just because of fewer days, and I can't imagine that is going to repeat anytime soon...

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