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Budget Getting Leaner

June 9th, 2015 at 06:05 pm

My budget is getting leaner. Child support has ended (good-bye $433 per month). My PITI payment has jumped to $1194.16, an increase of $113.52.

I am still paying J's car expenses for now. He had a job interview last week but did not get the job. He is still looking.

BF is accruing rent, but not actually paying it yet. No offers on the house yet either. BF did decide that we need lawn service as he doesn't have time to fiddle with it, and he is paying for that.

So, I have no choice but to re-jigger (is that a word?) my numbers.

I've gotten a bit lax about tracking my spending. I know it's been over, (waaaay over) and I just don't want to look! But as of June 1, I am back to tracking each dollar.

I'm not going to be able to pay my credit card bill in full this month. There have just been too many big expenses in the past few months. Big dental bills for both J and I (I have no dental insurance, J's new dental insurance is not accepted at our dentist), prom, senior trip, big car repair, and ouch-y high car insurance, all on top of everything else. They have ganged up and made a formidable enemy! I will be able to get away with paying no interest, which is a small comfort.

So, how am I adjusting my budget? Much as I hate to do it, I have eliminated the $50 extra car loan principal payment. I have trimmed CurveBall to $300, which is not enough. Further, I'm going to have to use it for credit card debt repayment for a bit.

I have trimmed my grocery budget from $550 to $500, which I'm not entirely certain I can do. That's groceries for me, J, two dogs, and general household supplies. MrsM180 and hubby buy their own groceries, and BF picks up some groceries. However, we really don't have a hands-off policy on general items. We tend to make enough dinner for everyone, regardless of who bought the groceries. And when it comes to milk, salad dressing, bread, we just share. When it comes to specialty items, we tend to ask the purchaser if it is OK to have some, but people mostly say "yes". I'm not going to tell someone who is hungry that they can't have my granola bar, or whatever.

So in short, I'm not real tickled, but it is what it is. For now, this is what it is.

3 Responses to “Budget Getting Leaner”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    You might check with the dentist on the final costs. We had a procedure years ago that insurance didn't cover and was billed at $300 to us. I called to ask if that was the price without insurance...sure enough the amount was $150! Much, much better!

  2. laura/deacon's wife Says:

    Love the word "Rejigger". I do that regularly with my numbers. Been leanish here due to some unforeseen things (though I'll be reimbursed by end of the month). I love that your kitchen is a community place. Reminds me of potluck - which I love the concept of. Smile

  3. Petunia 100 Says:

    I like community in the kitchen too, because we are a family. Smile But the reality is, I simply cannot afford to feed everyone. So the other adults have to contribute their fair share (and they do).

    My dentist gives me a price break because I am paying out of pocket (no insurance). But, I needed 6 fillings. Six!! I don't think in the first 48 years of my life I have needed that many cumulatively, and then to need 6 all at once. I know what it is, it is those darn vitamin C drops, which I suck on constantly. They help me resist the urge to cough.

    J has dental insurance, but has just recently changed plans. (Ex-husband started a new job this year). Our dentist does not accept the new insurance. I made the decision to stick with our dentist anyway. We have seen him for more than a decade, he is a great dentist, and a cool person.

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