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Home From Tahoe; A Second Estimate

November 15th, 2016 at 01:22 am

I'm home from Tahoe. We had perfect, beautiful weather. Smile And I have 10 new pokemon! I have 122 now; I am really getting there. Not that you care, but now you know. Stick Out Tongue

I have received a second estimate now. It was $9450 for the roof with no insulation, an additional $1300 including insulation. Also, $900 for new rain gutters.

The first estimate was $9500 including insulation; $1000 for new rain gutters.

Since my house was built, there is a new minimum standard for insulation in the attic. If you replace the roof, you must meet the new standard. The second roofer says there is an exception you can meet by choosing a light color shingle. That is why he quotes both with and without insulation.

A friend told me that since I am going from a wood shake roof to an asphalt shingle roof, I can expect my new roof to absorb more heat. In his opinion, it is a mistake to pass on the additional insulation.

So, I guess the first estimate was fair and this is just what it costs. It has been a lot of work getting these two estimates; I wouldn't mind getting a third but that requires getting a third roofer to return my calls.

SB said I should check with Costco. They do offer a lot of home improvement services. But I checked, they do not offer roofing.

I think I am going to hire the first company. The cost will be 10.5k. I will borrow that from my Heloc. Then I will attempt to cash flow the other work I want to have done this summer. Mainly concrete and tree removal, the rest I am fairly certain I can do myself, with a little help from SB. Once that is done and paid for, I can turn my efforts to paying down the Heloc.

2 Responses to “Home From Tahoe; A Second Estimate”

  1. Joe Says:

    I would recommend checking Angies list - I think it is free now. I like to read the customer feedback before selecting any contractor. Usually, people will also let you know what they paid. Good luck.

  2. Petunia 100 Says:

    Thank you Joe, that was a good tip. I too had thought you had to pay to use Angie's list, but you CAN do some things on it for free now. I was able to read reviews by registering, but did not have to pay. There were 91 reviews of this particular company on Angie's list, with an overall grade of "A". That makes me feel comfortable that they are a good company to hire.

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