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Plant Based Diet?

October 22nd, 2019 at 06:01 pm

Anyone here on a plant based diet? Frugal Texan is I believe, any others?

Looking for some information resources and will happily take your suggestions.


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  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Hi Petunia, I'm about 95% vegan, but I've been that way for over 25 years so I'm not up on the latest health data resources or anything. I just know it works for me!

    I eat pretty healthy but there's a fair bit of fake meat and junk food too, so I'm not super scrupulous about stuff (as a lot of people assume when they hear vegan). Still, I think on balance my diet is probably a fair bit healthier than average.

    Healthwise, I never even come close to high blood pressure, cholesterol, that stuff. Weight control is more dependent on controlling the amount of what I eat vs. the type of food, but I've barely ever been in the overweight BMI range either, so it does a pretty good job of naturally regulating that as well.

    Happy to offer cooking/recipe stuff but that's about all I can offer!

  2. crazyliblady Says:

    I can't do plant based, as it makes me feel like I am starving. I do keto/dairy free/low sugar, though.

  3. Lucky Robin Says:

    You should check your library. I know ours has a large vegetarian and vegan section, not just cookbooks, but on how to do it right with your food combinations and what supplements you need to take to replace what is in meat.

    We eat a lot of vegetables, but I can't do a plant based diet due to it causing tremendous heartburn and constant hunger. Some people can do it, but they aren't allergic to lectins, soy, and legumes.

    I have done a lot of studying on it, though, and tried both before discovering the food allergies, and I think that vegetarian is much healthier than vegan in the long term. You certainly don't need as many supplements to be healthy.

  4. Jane Says:

    Vegetarian, occasionally pescovegetarian. I honestly just make regular food and either leave the meat out or replace it with mushrooms, eggs, etc depending on the recipe. I don't have any particular health restrictions to my diet though

  5. ceejay74 Says:

    I don't take any supplements; I should probably take B and D but I've never been able to maintain the habit. I feel great anyway; I've never noticed a health/mood/energy difference the few times I've taken them regularly for a few months.

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Sorry I didn't see this til now.

    A couple great resources - How Not to Die by Dr Greger. Lots of great info and science backed studies. Also his website - is a fantastic resource

    Dr Caldwell Esseylstn (sp) also has a number of books (and videos)

    Clean Food Dirty Girl - the blog and the FB group. There are weekly meal plans you can sign up for, as well as tons of free recipes on the blog.

    If you have Netflix, I highly suggest watching the documentary Gamechangers. It is probably THE most well done documentary I've seen on this subject.

  7. Petunia 100 Says:

    Thanks all for your input. I may have more questions as I read/watch info on this topic.

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