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June 2020 Budget Report

July 9th, 2020 at 03:52 am

No surprises here. My take home pay was $0.07 more than expected. I planned to transfer $805.43 from sinking funds to pay my car and 5th wheel insurance and that was the only transfer which happened. Buffer is the beginning balance in checking, and my only other income was the expected $0.01 of interest on checking.

I did manage to trim my needed cash by $40.00. That is always nice when I can manage it as I send every spare penny to extra principal.

No surprises here either. I did come in under a bit on my phone bill, so that was nice.

I make 26 automatic transfers of $230.00 each to sinking funds per year, and 3 of them fell in the month of June. The only transfer out was for my car and 5th wheel insurance. Right now is the low point for that particular sinking fund; no more money will be needed from it for a full 6 months.

In June, $745.61 was sent off as extra principal to my 5th wheel loan.

I paid my car insurance (I pay it with my Citi DoubleCash MasterCard, then pay the charge before the month ends).

I bought some face masks on Amazon; I am now required to wear them to work. I spent $22.29.

I bought some sparkly flowers for Bella to wear on her collar. I spent $11.25.

My checking account balance ended the month with $1,407.58.

My target ending checking account balance was $1,407.58. That's my 1k buffer and $407.58 for my 5th wheel payment scheduled for 7/3/20.

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