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Budget By Paycheck 4/28/23

April 29th, 2023 at 02:52 pm


begin - beginning checking account balance

pr - my net payroll check

SB - my contribution towards our joint living expenses

cash - My budgeted amount is $260, but I only needed $220.  I forgot to adjust before I made my House DP transfer, so I ended up with an extra $40 in checking.  I just left it there, because I will have a big expense to pay beginning with the next paycheck.  More on that below.

sf - automatic sinking funds transfer which will happen on 5/2/23.

Citi MC - the balance on my Citi MC.  It included $149.35 for a meal out, and $16.91 for Sirius XM.  The meal out was dinner and drinks for 3.  I have a couple of girlfriends from work, we all now work in different departments in different buildings.  We meet up every month or two at a particular restaurant.  We take turns paying, and it was my turn.  The restaurant has gotten a bit pricey, as you can see.  The Sirius XM is a new expense.  When I bought the Tucson, 3 months were included free.  Then I received an email offering me an additional 3 months for $2.  I accepted that.  And I have found that I really enjoy it.  My promotional subscription ended on 4/14/23, I downgraded the membership from premium to music only and kept it.

CarMax - I rounded the half-payment up to $250 as that is the amount I was saving towards my next car out of each paycheck before purchasing the Tucson.  The new balance is $22,062.52.  Edited to Add:  On 5/5/23, while clearing my checking account transactions, I noticed that this payment had not hit my bank account.  I logged on to CarMax, and there is no record of this payment.  So annoying!  I scheduled it again for today, and of course there is now more interest due.  I just hate debt.  The new balance is higher than it should be, at $22,086.68.

house DP - the amount I had available to contribute.  The new balance in the fund is $1,161.51.

Broad - a loan repayment.  The loan balance is down to $50 now.

life ins - my monthly life insurance premium. 

end - the ending balance in my checking account.

So I went to the dentist on Monday for my bi-annual cleaning and it was time for x-rays.  Bad news, I need a crown.  My share of cost for that is $610, plus I will owe something for Monday.  I will pay the dentist with my Citi MC, and then will have 2 paychecks to get the balance paid in full.  Of course, this will impact my savings efforts which is frustrating, but it is what it is.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    As frustrating as it is to have to pay for the crown, think of it as a investing in yourself, because good dental care pays for itself in the long run.

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