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Budget By Paycheck 5/12/23

May 12th, 2023 at 09:58 pm


begin - my beginning checking account balance

pr - my net payroll check

SB - my contribution towards our joint living expenses

cash - cash for gas, personal, and misc

sf - automatic transfers to sinking funds scheduled for 5/16/23

Citi MC - the balance this time included $52.68 for gas, $33.33 for Papa Murphy's, and $27.54 for groceries at Safeway.  We house sat last week, plus Birth Mom was here for a visit.  We spent more than usual for groceries and take out.

WF Visa - the balance included $51.35 for Gilligan's flea meds and $8.45 for a set of 4 drinking glasses at Wal-Mart.

CarMax - my car payment.  The new balance is $21,854.65.

house DP - contribution to my house down payment fund. The new balance is $1,332.53.

Broad - the last $50 owed, expected next Friday 5/19/23

end - my ending checking account balance.

I realized that I have longer to save for my crown than I had thought at first.  It will take 2 appointments to complete the crown, then they will bill my insurance, then finally after the insurance pays they will bill me.  I will use my Citi MC to pay the dentist then have at least 1 paycheck, possibly 2, before the statement due date.  I have not even had the first appointment yet.  $200 is enough to set aside from today's paycheck.

And that's it, today's paycheck has been spent.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Good budget!

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