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May 2012 Net Worth

June 1st, 2012 at 04:22 pm

Well, my Simple IRA money ($2,215.35) did not make it in time to show up on this net worth statement.

My cash is down due to paying for our Hawaii trip.

Investments are down due to market movements.

House value is down.

Car value is up. This continues to surprise me. I've done much better on the car I purchased new than the foreclosed house I purchased at a steep discount! Lol, who'd have ever suspected such a thing could be true?

Debt is down, but will soon jump up a little.

All in all, my net worth is sagging. It is frustrating, but ups and downs are to be expected. I am looking forward to my refi being done, switching my cell plan from AT & T to Ting, and switching my gym membership. Between the 3, I will be able to make nice increases to my monthly savings deposits.

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