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Ting Phones Activated; New Budget

June 20th, 2012 at 01:46 am

I activated the two phones I purchased new from Ting this evening. UPS says my package is arriving tomorrow. So assuming the seller didn't just send me a box of rocks, I should be able to activate that one tomorrow. My new monthly cell bill will be $41 plus taxes. Buh-bye, AT & T!

Here is my new monthly budget starting in July (except that in July I will pay off Citi MC and pay for Ting phones and breaking contract with AT & T, since no mortgage payment is due).

Isn't this a nice change? Look at that new monthly deposit to savings number! This is much, MUCH better. Smile

Other changes:

*smaller take home pay, since I will be bumping up my Simple IRA contributions by $50 per month. I estimate this will cost me $40 in take home pay.

*new lower mortgage payment

*new lower utilities budget, which I totally think I can do!

*gym membership is gone for now. I am walking the trail near my house and using Wii Fit instead.

*monthly Roth contribution is going up.

I am so tickled about these changes. I am looking forward to updating my sidebar under "Debts". That's how you know for certain that I am a nerd.

5 Responses to “Ting Phones Activated; New Budget”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Ting does not have service in my area. I see they are using Sprints network. My kids have Sprint & Sprint service at our house is terrible. I wish I could give Ting a chance. AT&T is pretty much the only option in my neck of the sticks... which is the boonies in TX. Bummer.

    However this is a great opportunity to mention I've been following your blog about 6 months now & am highly encouraged by your blog. Mainly the budgeting aspect. As a chronic avoider of financial issues (read = "denial") your blog is not too intimidating because its worded for normal peeps like me, and it deals with normal people issues like cell phones & child support & electric bills as opposed to trust funds & how to make a million dollars in 3 easy steps.

    I hope that you continue this blog for a long time. I also like the delicate flower innuendo because clearly having survived divorce (me too) & raising a child & working full-time & maintaining a blog & shopping w/ creative financial "how can I get this cheaper" finagling & those are just the things i know about.....requires anything but delicate sensitivity.

    You may feel like a delicate flower & perhaps you look like a delicate flower, but on the inside, based on what I have read here, you are a woman of much substance & strength, perseverance, ingenuity, highly intelligent and not easily breakable. And, on top of that, FUN. Thank you for writing this blog for peeps like me.

  2. Petunia 100 Says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I am so glad you are enjoying my blog! I really enjoy writing it. Though I am not much of a writer, I find the process really helps me to be more organized. And sometimes when I am considering a purchase, I pause for a moment and think "do I really want to have to report buying this on my blog?". Sometimes, the answer is no, so I refrain from buying it.

    The "delicate flower" is a line from South Park. The owner of the Asian restaurant says that about his wife, while describing her excessive workload. My BF loves South Park, and will sometimes refer to me as "a delicate little flow-ah".

    You are very kind. Smile Thank you!

  3. Jerry Says:

    Hey, that is a great change! Nice going. It is great when the little changes lead to a better bottom line, isn't it? I think you are right about keeping yourself honest with something like a blog, or someone to report in with... it offers some insurance that you will ask yourself that tough question "Do I REALLY want to have to tell someone I did this?" Smile Jerry

  4. ruth Says:

    Now that you've had the ting phones for a little while how are they working out for you?

  5. Petunia 100 Says:


    I decided to just make a blog post about my Ting service so far. Smile

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