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Made Dental Decision; Tax Returns Filed

January 26th, 2020 at 01:25 am

So I did end up cancelling the appointment to do the prep work for the implants. They re-scheduled for the crowns, but I have decided I am going to cancel that too. I am just not happy about the abrupt change in treatment plans. The former dentist, whom I really liked, said that I needed more fillings and a deep cleaning (below the gum lines). The new dentist says I don't need any of that, but do need crowns. The former dentist said nothing about needing crowns.

Maybe I am completely wrong, but I kind of get the vibe that I am more a source of revenue than a patient. I am going to get another opinion and most likely switch dentists.

Yesterday was payday and I sent $374.25 off to my dental sinking fund. I wish that I were sending it off towards the 5th wheel loan instead.

I filed my tax returns this morning using Credit Karma's free service. I am expecting a total of $1,109 between federal and state. Those dollars will go into the dental fund too.

We have booked our Panama Canal cruise ("we" being my mom, my nephew, my daughter and I). Sailing on the Caribbean Princess, with stops in Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama. Should be a great deal of fun.

5 Responses to “Made Dental Decision; Tax Returns Filed”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I have been to a dentist who seemed a little aggressive, recommending all kinds of special services. My current dentist doesn't mention any of that stuff, and tells me I am taking good care of my teeth. I don't know for sure who's right, but I seem to be doing fine -- still have teeth!

  2. LifeBalance Says:

    Now that I'm on the laptop (instead of the ipad mini), I think my comment will take. I just wanted to say good for you for not allowing yourself to be rushed into a treatment that makes you feel uncomfortable. After all, the consequences of your decision will be all yours. Did you find your former dentist?

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Wise to get a second opinion. My husband had a dentist tell him he needed extensive work to during a military check, then went to our regular dentist and he said no. All has been good since, and that was years ago. I do think there are some dentists who run their practices to do more work to create more income unfortunately.

    Thanks for the tip on Credit Karma free filing. I might check that out for our daughter. We have free online filing through HR Block because we are military.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    You are smart to get a second opinion. I had been with the same dentist over 30 years and he had the audacity to retire last summer. LOL He was great. I had very crooked teeth and needed braces, but he understood I could not afford them. When my mom died and I sold her house, I finally had the cash to get braces and he was happy for me and suggested a great ortho. Hopefully the gal who took over the business will be as good as our former dentist. Hope you can find one you like as well. Don't get pushed into spending money before you have to. I think some folks in the medical profession are like you said, looking at patients as a source of revenue.

  5. MonkeyMama Says:

    Petunia our dentist is *awesome*, even if you only used him for another opinion. Unfortunately, he is very hard to get into. I will just put his info here because I haven't been checking blogs/emails much.
    Text is and Link is
    I found him when our dentist in the Bay Area retired. I told MH to check him out because my friends/colleagues had only recommended horrible/scammy dentists and I finally just gave up. Until I had no choice... Anyway, we have a dentist friend who told us some dentists are more aggressive and some are more conservative. I literally found this guy by googling "conservative dentist". He is the best. & very cheap, to boot. (I would have paid more for an honest/conservative dentist. Being cheap is just a bonus).

    My mom is having a horrible time finding a dentist. She's being told she needs all sorts of work she clearly doesn't need, she's always had perfect teeth/no problems. She wasn't really thrilled with her last dentist (my dad is staying with) but at this rate he's probably better than anything else she is coming up with.

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